User Experience Design

Southport empowers world-class companies to effectively transform data into solutions by delivering extraordinary user-centered designs.

With user expectations at an all-time high, your company needs a digital experience that is intuitive, beautiful, clever, modern, delightful, fun, valuable and original. Through a user-centric design methodology, our designers deliver award winning Business Intelligence solutions optimized across web, tablet and mobile devices that advance your business objectives.

Design the Right Solution for Your Business

User-Centered Designs

We’re committed to building products that cater to the needs of stakeholders and end users alike. Our design process thrives with an awareness of every touchpoint that makes up the overall experience users will have. The outcome provides richer user experiences that drive product adoption, usability and relevance.


Experience the Full Flow and Get Early Feedback Pre-Production

Interactive Prototypes

Making changes to an application during development can be costly and can significantly impact development schedule. Fail early with a rapid design approach that focuses on the creation of semi-functional, interactive prototypes of a dashboard.

Your Fastest way to Accuracy

Usability Testing

Our team of expert researchers is here to help you discover pain points and opportunities in your existing digital products. With these actionable insights, we can help improve your user experience so as to increase downloads, adoptions, and usage.

Visual Consistency that Matches Your Corporate Branding

Data Visualization Style Guides

We create style guides that provide a visual consistency that matches your corporate branding. Providing a consistent interface design language improves the user-experience and dramatically increases the efficiency of building applications.
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We offer a complete solution for user-centered design. Whether you are looking to create a new product or update an old design, we are here to assist you.