Data Integration and Warehousing 

We Help you Take Control of Your Data

Companies today are gathering more data, from more sources, than ever before in history. But are you managing your data or is your data managing you?

At Southport we offer a range of data management consulting services that allow our customers to increase the value, while decreasing the cost, of data. The result is better business decisions, based on reliable and consistent data, across the enterprise.

Integrate Your Data to Gain a Complete Picture

In order to maximize the value of your data, it must be integrated from multiple data sources, which often times reside in multiple lines of business. As data volumes explode, so to does the need to integrate that data to provide consolidated views of your interactions with your customers, products, supply chain and every organizational attribute you can imagine. Our consultants are certified by the leading technology vendors to deliver data integration solutions that help you tackle the problem of distributed data.

Poor Data Quality Leads to Poor Decisions

Data without clearly defined standards and quality controls represents a tremendous risk to every organization. Without proper quality controls, organizations lack confidence in their data, creating an environment of doubt and delayed decision-making. We help our customers define and implement data quality processes, tools and stewardship to ensure that data is fit for its intended purpose.

data quality

Implement Strong Data Governance for Repeatable Success

We work with our customers to help them establish the organizational structure, processes and tools required to create consistent, high quality data across the enterprise.

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