Business Intelligence Service Offerings

Our Business Intelligence practice is built around the MicroStrategy product suite. Unlike large systems integrator or staffing firms who claim to be experts in every Business Intelligence tool on the market, we specialize in MicroStrategy. We believe that by doing so, we are able to provide our customers with a level of expertise that allows them to take full advantage of their MicroStrategy investment. As a result of our focus and expertise, we are able to deliver solutions faster, cheaper and with less risk than companies who “specialize” in everything.

Our Business Analytics services include: (click to view/hide)

Understand. Envision. Align. Enable.

We work with you to gain an understanding of your business priorities, objectives and current capabilities, and then we leverage our experience to help identify business intelligence solutions that address your prioritized needs, now and for the future.

Our consultants work with key stakeholders from business and IT to identify and implement the governance processes that are necessary to create and maintain alignment throughout the implementation of the roadmap and beyond.

Our roadmaps are custom built based on your business needs and priorities, allowing you to:

  • Align the timing of costs and benefits by focusing on initiatives that have the greatest value to your organization.
  • Understand the true cost and effort of what you’re getting into. Our experience allows us to help you anticipate future requirements, challenges and risks. By providing this understanding up-front, we help you make decisions that are smart now and years from now.
  • Walk before you run. Getting from today to your desired future state takes time. We help you make critical design and architecture decisions that enable you to grow your capabilities incrementally as you evolve your requirements and capabilities.
  • Maximize stakeholder understanding and buy-in. We help align business areas and stakeholders early in the process and provide the tools and processes to help keep everyone aligned throughout the journey.

Whether you are considering a departmental solution or are looking to establish an internal Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (CoE), we have the experience to help you devise a strategy that will enable success.

Scalable. Flexible. Secure.

Mistakes made here can cost you millions of dollars in the future. Our consultants have designed some of the largest data warehouses and most scalable business intelligence applications in the world. This experience greatly reduces your risks and helps ensure that the foundation you build today will support the mission critical applications your organization will rely on for success tomorrow.

The value of your data is determined by the ability of your business users to access it, interrogate it, and, ultimately, act on it. Our experience and our focus on MicroStrategy allows us to design and build high-performance reporting applications capable of supporting the most challenging business models, accessing the greatest amount of data, and supporting the largest number of users. Our solutions are designed to strike a balance between business self-sufficiency IT dependence, allowing you to apply your scarce human capital in a manner that yields maximum results.

We combine our proven methodology with our flexible delivery model to provide our customers with the highest quality BI solutions at a competitive cost. We offer:

  • Onsite Development – We work side-by-side with your team, in your offices, to develop your MicroStrategy solution.
  • Near-Shore Development – We leverage our BI Development Center in Mexico City to develop your MicroStrategy BI solution, dramatically reducing your costs. Our geographic proximity facilitates integration with your team due to time zone alignment and language proficiency.
  • Blended Development – We provide a mix of onsite and offsite resources to provide maximum integration with your project team while achieving blended rates that provide you with significant savings compared to dedicated onsite development.

Dashboards have become a critical component of business intelligence solutions because, when properly designed, they allow users to quickly access, correlate, and process several dimensions of data at once, leading to better decisions.

From listening to the technology vendors, you may assume that dashboards are easy to create. And you would be partially correct—you can create a MicroStrategy dashboard in a matter of days. But to build an effective dashboard requires a unique combination of skills:

  • deep MicroStrategy expertise to balance functionality and design with performance;
  • understanding of graphic design principles to help convey maximum information with minimal distraction;
  • and the ability to understand the underlying business processes to be served by the dashboards.

Our consultants walk you through the process to help you make the right design choices and apply best practices to build highly effective, interactive dashboards.

In today’s mobile age, people are changing the way they produce and consume information. It’s revolutionizing how, when, and where business decisions are made. Decision-makers now expect the power of anytime-anywhere insight and analysis in the palm of their hands.
 Mobile business intelligence delivers this critical insight and analysis, shortening decision-making timeframes and accelerating the speed of business.While mobile BI can extend and enhance the value of traditional reports and graphs, it is ideally delivered via easy-to-use applications that are specifically designed to guide users to optimal decisions and solve focused business problems.Southport’s seasoned experts work with your team to deliver mobile solutions using the MicroStrategy platform that speed understanding and empower users – while simultaneously reducing your development time and cost.

In today’s economic environment, aligning costs with benefits isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. With the popularization of cloud computing, organizations are able to implement solutions at a fraction of prior costs by leveraging on-demand and shared infrastructure via the cloud. Whether your environment is on-premise or in the cloud, we offer development services to help you get the most out of your MicroStrategy investment.

Today’s BI applications have thousands of users and terabytes or more of data. As these systems become mission critical, system stability and performance become more critical than ever. Our consultants have the expertise to help you optimize your MicroStrategy environment to support thousands of users accessing terabytes of data.

MicroStrategy is investing tens of millions of dollars each year in R&D to provide new and cutting-edge capabilities. You are paying a significant amount of money in annual maintenance to fund this R&D, but unless you have the people and processes in place to implement upgrades in a manner that does not risk your mission critical applications, you are missing out on the innovation. Our consultants can help you take full advantage of the latest MicroStrategy functionality without jeopardizing your current applications.

Converting to MicroStrategy from another BI technology? Too often, companies take a “lift and move” approach, transferring inefficiencies from the legacy application into the new solution and limiting the functionality or performance of the new MicroStrategy solution. Contact us to learn how our conversion services can help you convert your legacy BI applications to MicroStrategy in a way that allows you to exploit the full capabilities of the MicroStrategy tool while saving you time and money along the way.

The testing of your BI application may be the most critical step in your project lifecycle. You often only get one chance to get it right, and if you execute poorly here, you are likely to experience low adoption rates, making all of your work to get you to this point for naught.

We have developed a testing approach for BI applications that helps to accelerate the process, reduce the infrastructure costs and ensure compliance with regulatory and security requirements. Benefits include:

  • Automated testing processes to speed testing using MicroStrategy Integrity Manager.
  • Increased data security and regulatory compliance using automated data masking tools.
  • Reduced data storage and management costs using automated data replication and masking tools.
  • Repeatable processes and templates for requirements traceability to ensure thorough testing.

Don’t let testing slow down your deployment cycles. Contact us to learn how our BI Testing Services can streamline your testing processes, reduce your security risks and minimize your data storage costs.

To learn more about this offering, please contact us.