Reporting & Analytics

Get more value from your MicroStrategy investment

When it comes to implementing MicroStrategy, no company has more experience than Southport.  Since 2005, we’ve helped hundreds of companies put the power of MicroStrategy into the hands of over 500,000 end users.

Our exclusive focus on MicroStrategy allows us to provide our customers with a depth and breadth of expertise that you can’t get from vendors who “specialize in everything.”

Scalable, governed dashboard solutions delivered via Mobile and Web

Deliver insights to your users at a glance with intuitive, information-rich dashboards built using MicroStrategy. Built to meet the needs of your business, our dashboards help you monitor and act on the most important metrics that impact your business. Build them once and deploy them via web or mobile.

Agile analytics for self-service end user reporting

Leave the spreadsheets behind by arming your business users with the ability to quickly access, explore and analyze data in ways not possible in spreadsheets. Quickly connect to virtually any data source, cleanse your data and deliver powerful insights in just a few clicks. Our consultants help you implement the governance processes and best practices that allow you to enable instant access to data without compromising your ability to govern and share insights across the enterprise.

Extend the capabilities of MicroStrategy with our SDK accelerators

Ever wish you could change the way MicroStrategy works to help you enhance user experience, integrate with
third party applications or support your enterprise security standards? Well, you can, via their software development kit (SDK). We are experts in developing customizations to the MicroStrategy platform via the MicroStrategy SDK.

Portal Integration

“Pinterest” style functionality allows users to pick the metrics and types of analytic reports that they want “pinned” to their dashboard.  Display MicroStrategy reports with non-MicroStrategy-sourced reports in one configurable dashboard.

Custom Filters

Custom Filters allow you to select multiple, nested filter criteria and apply once.  When not in use, the filter selection box “shrinks” down, restoring valuable screen real estate to your dashboard.

Siri Integration

Deliver MicroStrategy intelligence via the most ubiquitous interface on the planet — voice — with our Siri integration customization.