Customer: Leading GSE in the Mortgage Industry

Project: Change and Configuration Management Best Practices

Customer Profile

This customer is a public government-sponsored entity chartered by the US Congress in 1970 to stabilize the nation’s residential mortgage markets and expand opportunities for home ownership and rentals. This company participates in the secondary mortgage market by buying and selling mortgages in the form of loans and mortgage-related securities.

Business Goals & Benefits

Driven by increased awareness of the need for audit readiness, this customer needed to implement policies and procedures for managing their MicroStrategy environment, which consisted of 40+ projects.

Prior to this engagement, change management activities were performed at the discretion of individual developers on distributed project teams with no centralized, consistent governance structure. The lack of formal processes had led to confusion and widely varied assumptions among stakeholders regarding how change management should be implemented within MicroStrategy projects.

Southport’s Role

Southport was engaged to provide this customer with a more rigorous approach to change management based on industry best practices. During the engagement, Southport:

  • Reviewed current environment change management policies and procedures
  • Reviewed current security and user privilege policies and procedures
  • Defined recommended policies and procedures for:
    • User Security
    • Environment Management
    • MicroStrategy Environment Migrations
    • Role-based Training Guidelines

Scope of Southport Engagement

  • BI Strategy & Planning

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