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Kindred Healthcare Looks to Southport to Bring its Data to Life

Quality first, then prosperity

Kindred Healthcare is the leading provider of home health in the country, delivering medical,  physical, and emotional support to customers in 635 locations*.  They won that ranking by showing their strength in delivering comprehensive care and helping people return to independent living after injury or illness.

Smart companies don’t relax their efforts when they reach the top.  They use those victories to fuel new ideas to constantly improve the quality of their service. That’s what makes companies like Kindred keep their customers happy – and claim a substantial market share while they are at it.

Results speak for themselves

Kindred at Home employs social workers, nurses, and therapists who come together –  in the patient’s environment – to minimize hospitalizations and help people make modifications in their daily lives to adjust to their needs and abilities.

Kindred first came to Southport to help them decipher and illustrate the clinical outcomes of patients in their Home Health program.  They wanted to show their superior service by letting their results do the talking – through intuitive and interactive reports.

Southport’s solution

With nearly 150 data components and a complex reporting structure that required considerable manual effort, Kindred couldn’t quickly produce the visuals they needed.  Southport designed, developed, tested, and implemented new MicroStrategy dashboards that were secure, comprehensive, and offered users the ability to manipulate views by a variety of metrics.

Positive Outcomes

Sales directors and clinical teams can now deliver succinct and accurate reports to illustrate the success of the Home Health program.

Internally, Kindred can use these statistics to ensure quality across all locations.

Customers can see for themselves how often patients in Kindred’s Home Health programs require repeat visits to the hospital in 15, 30, 60, and 90 day timelines.

Patients trust Kindred.

Everybody wins.

Don’t just say you’re good at what you do.  Show it.

Let us help you illustrate your success using MicroStrategy.

If you’re ready to get customized analysis, dashboards, and results, contact Southport today.