Pharma Sales Enablement Application

From patient to practitioner to pharmacy, Southport helps leading pharmaceutical company use technology to share medical breakthroughs with the world


Dedication to science, building knowledge

For a pharmaceutical rep, dispersing breakthroughs and lifesaving treatments means working with physicians.  Doing that requires knowledge – not only of the physicians themselves, but also of the entire medical practice.  They need answers to questions like:

  • What are the health challenges of the patients?
  • What insurances does the practice accept?
  • What drugs do they prescribe most?
  • How often do they prescribe the drugs my company produces?
  • Which physicians write the most prescriptions on my tier-1 plans?

Suffering from acute data deprivation

For one of the global leaders in pharmaceuticals, all of this information was available.  But it took too long to find, buried in layers of reports and spreadsheets that never intersected and applications that under-delivered on their promises.  Working with a third-party reporting vendor, sales teams had no ability to manipulate the data quickly to help them focus on the most opportunity-rich prospects.

Enter Southport and MicroStrategy

The company knew their data could be tapped by a solution that would work on any scale, at top speed, and with laser accuracy.  So they chose to work with Southport and MicroStrategy.

Why? It’s simple. We get it.

Knowing the tools isn’t enough. Lots of companies understand how business intelligence software works.  But at Southport, we understand the pharmaceutical industry.

We know:

  • Why mapping visualizations and analytics are so important
  • Why formularies, tiers, and co-pays all matter to drug companies
  • That insurance policies and market penetration are key to defining marketing strategy

Developing a cure for the problem

Our solution included customized dashboards full of information with daily sales, overall performance, and forecasting.  One of the most significant features is the ability to measure the size of opportunities – based on key indicators like insurance acceptance and formulary classifications.

Southport worked with business and technical teams to deliver mapping, bubble, chart, and directory visualizations that make it fast and easy for any pharmaceutical rep to build their pipeline with prospects that can help deliver their medicines to the most patients.

The Outcome

Patient access.  That’s what it’s all about.  Pharmaceutical companies help educate doctors on groundbreaking treatments.  Doctors prescribe medicines they think will give the best results for their patients – at the lowest cost.  Pharmacies deliver the drugs those patients need.  And now, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies has a tool that can help reach those patients who need access to treatment the most.

For our customer, the investment in companies that know the business, know the challenges, and know the solutions has been meaningful in ways they never expected.  Managing their own data through the MicroStrategy platform means patients will have access to the best treatments – and even cures – for the most critical diseases.

In their words…

What the customer said about Southport’s MicroStrategy implementation:

“I have been blown away by the tremendous dedication and commitment provided by our project  managers from Southport. They are among the most talented, service-oriented partners I have ever worked with”.

“…great software, a highly skilled service partner like Southport, and a few tremendous partners and their superb colleagues at Southport and Microstrategy…”.

Healthy  data can translate to healthy patients.  Find out how.  Make an appointment today and learn how to put Southport’s pharmaceutical industry expertise to use for your company.

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