Southport Delivers Made to Order Dashboards
for Leading Burger Chain

The Problem

Imagine you’re one of the nation’s largest burger chains. You serve millions of people each day. You have tens of thousands of employees at hundreds of locations. You want top-level performance from your stores and your management staff wants to give it to you. But you don’t know how to improve performance – or foster healthy internal competition – because you can’t get a good read on your data.

When Tri-City foods came to Southport, they were relying on a single Excel® workbook, compiled manually using multiple data sources, prepared by a single employee, taking weeks to prepare. After painstaking preparation, the executives had rows and rows and worksheets and worksheets of data. But they had no way to interpret any of it.

It was impossible for store managers to get answers to questions like:

  • How can I effectively schedule my employees to align with peak sales?
  • Why did my store sales see a dramatic increase in sales during during the 3rd week of April?
  • How do the stores in my territory perform in comparison to stores in other territories?

They needed something that would show them – at a glance, in real time – which of their operations needed attention. They needed something to bring together indicators like sales, speed of service, labor and food costs, scheduling, waste, and fraud to help them determine which stores were performing well and which were not.

Tri-City made the initial investment in the MicroStrategy platform, but wasn’t able to implement it in a meaningful way. That’s when they came to Southport.

The Solution

Southport started by working with Tri-City to identify their most important performance indicators that would be presented in easy-to-read dashboards. We developed detailed requirements and mockups and split the implementation into six “sprints” of development and deployment. Over the next five months, every level of the business had access to the platform and could, at a glance, make real-time decisions about store performance.

Our solution included dashboards for labor costs and scheduling, speed of service,   store performance, waste, fraud, and overall sales. We even included weather data and tools for tracking anomalies so store managers could track the impacts of, for example, three feet of snow or seasonal tourism spikes.

The Outcome

Not understanding company data is a common problem for retailers everywhere. MicroStrategy is a powerful tool but only if you know how to use implement a customized platform that shows your data through your lens on your schedule.   As Tri-City might put it, you need data “your way, right away”.

Tri-City invested in a partnership with Southport and went from being virtually in the dark to offering all stakeholders — from C-level to individual stores – made-to-order data, the ability to interpret it, and ultimately, the power to make better business decisions.


If you’re ready to get customized analysis, dashboards, and results, contact Southport today.