Retailers Face An Increasingly Competitive & Fast Changing Industry

Faced with mobilized consumers, product advancements and seemingly endless pricing scenarios, retailers need more intuitive and advanced data systems to compete and win. That’s where business intelligence comes in.

Business intelligence solutions give retailers the ability to analyze the vast amounts of information they already have to make better business decisions. The software allows these companies to tap into their huge databases and deliver easy-to-comprehend insight to improve business performance.

Featured Solution

At Southport, we have developed mobile store operations dashboards that help retail companies increase labor productivity and profitability, service and responsiveness, and store efficiency.

These dashboards provide executive, regional and store managers with near real-time insights into sales performance, employee productivity and store traffic. By delivering these dashboards via mobile devices, store managers spend more time on the sales floor where they can drive results and less time in the back office.

By codifying common business requirements and reporting functionality, our Analytic Insights for Store Operations application provides our retail customers with pre-built templates and accelerators that dramatically reduce their time to market for new store operations reporting solutions. These templates support analysis in the areas of:

  • Store Performance Analysis
  • Associate Productivity & Efficiency
  • Product Sales and Returns

Check out the following video see the Analytic Insights for Store Operations application in action.

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