Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 

Southport manages, develops, and deploys business intelligence and data management solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries that streamline decision-making processes, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. Our experience with data migration and data integration services, as well as BI dashboards and MicroStrategy, can help you solve your complex data and BI challenges

Mobile Sales Enablement for the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Healthcare, science, sales, and marketing all come together in the pharmaceutical industry, and Southport has the skills to meet the data challenge.  Sales Reps and Sales Managers in the Pharma industry are drowning in unactionable data — activity and CRM data from Veeva, sales data from IMS Health, compensation data from ZS and product and territory alignment data from internal systems.  The data is there, but the tools to convert it into actionable insights is missing.  Until now.

Working with dozens of sales teams from several leading pharmaceutical companies, Southport has developed a mobile sales enablement solution that integrates data from all of these sources and delivers robust analytics via MicroStrategy Mobile to the sales reps in the field.

Countless hours previously lost to manually compiling data  have been replaced with smarter analysis and more face-time with prescribers.

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We understand the complex, multi-level data needs of the healthcare industry. Crucial data must be gathered and assimilated from multiple groups. Goals include meeting strict quality standards, improving patient outcomes, and handling insurance reimbursement. Users need access to multiple levels of data for patients, facilities, and healthcare professionals.

With Southport’s BI and data warehousing expertise, plus our overall project planning skills, you can reduce operational costs through analysis of hospital performance, resource utilization, and supplier performance analysis. Effectively manage complex billing, reimbursement, and regulatory requirements as well.

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