BI for Financial Services 

Wealth Management

For investment banks and wealth management firms, the largest roadblock to profitability is a lack of predictability, accountability, and visibility in regard to company performance. Data around product sales and trading, assets under management, customer profiles, risk, and historical performance are all key areas that the company needs at the fingertips to be efficient. Your portfolio managers need access to mobile apps that are easy to use. At Southport, we have built mobile apps, enterprise reports and dashboards in these mission critical areas for some of the largest wealth management companies in the world.

Working with the customer, we have gained unique expertise in the MicroStrategy community to help companies interested in deploying business intelligence applications for the Wealth management industry. See below for our case studies in this vertical.

Commercial and Consumer Banking

Whether you are looking to better manage your branch performance, strengthen customer relationships through cross-selling, analyze credit risk or loans, or monitor regulatory and compliance issues, Southport can help. We have worked with dozens of banks, from regional to some of the largest in the world, to help them deploy data rich, highly secure BI applications across multiple business units in the Cloud and on-premises. See below for our case studies in this vertical.


The market for commercial cards has become increasingly competitive, both in rebate pricing and product offering feature sets, with data being a primary component for your clients. Commercial card issuers face new competition and new data requirements as a result of regulatory changes, globalization of commercial cards and integration of all payment type mechanisms within the industry. Your clients have become savvy to competitive offerings and demand more of you when it comes to deploying meaningful data in order to manage their programs. We are unique in our ability to offer you solutions from professionals who have extensive experience in payments and MicroStrategy. We bridge the knowledge gap between what your business envisions and the potential of MicroStrategy technology. Our goal is to ensure that your business initiative is innovative and best-in-class by drawing upon the full potential of your technology capabilities. We offer a full range of services designed to give you an end-to-end solution to your business and client reporting, from concept through technical implementation. See below for our case studies in this vertical.

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