Hadoop and Big Data

Unstructured Datalake

A 21st century datalake can change your future. Southport builds unstructured Big Data-capable clusters from the ground up. We are experts at refactoring your existing legacy warehouse or your existing Hadoop and its data collection processes into state-of-the art “complete solution” platforms that are underpinned by Hadoop.

Our Datalake refactoring offering will leave your team with a well-balanced platform geared toward the configuration you’ll need, suited to the workloads you’ll have, without all the other non-essential vendor marketing and tooling getting in the way. Your teams start with a “ready-for-work” baseline tailored to the way your data collections receive, process and archive Big Data.”

ETL Displacement

Big Data demands turning ETL on its head. Southport can refactor your ETL processes so data collection is tuned for Hadoop’s Big Data architecture and concepts. We’ll separate landing data from its transformation, enabling data collected once to be sourced by all your downstream use-cases from a single datalake. This saves money and time by eliminating the need for those downstream data consumers to access your source systems independently.


Analytics to Hadoop

Leveraging processes and techniques as well as several tooling layers not commonly integrated by Hadoop vendors, Southport’s Big Data teams forge a well-founded, stable solution for pushing the analytic layer back into Hadoop and eliminating the need for secondary databases and analytic tiers to meet reporting needs. This simplifies the overall data warehouse architecture while enabling existing and new analytic tools to run against Hadoop.

Resident Big Data Architect

Access to deep Hadoop expertise throughout the Big Data journey is invaluable. Southport’s Resident Big Data Architect offering delivers on-site expertise in the areas of strategy, tactics, planning, implementation and ongoing use of Hadoop customers as well as Big Data process design. A senior architecture resource is assigned to your account to deliver on-site and off-site guided assistance over the course of a year. Clients generally opt to stage planning and configuration events, as well as the implementation of new tooling layers, around the architect’s on-site visits to lend maximum coverage during those activities and ensure successful outcomes.


Guided Refactoring of a Single Data Source

Seeing is believing. To rapidly adopt and understand the impact of Big Data, having a team of experts on-site to build a single common archetype of how it’s done, end-to-end, can illustrate to your staff the best practices of data ingestion, transformation, and artifact-building for analytics in as little as weeks.

The tactics for using Hadoop tools and layers for ETL can be difficult to understand because they represent a profound change to the traditional way you’ve done BI for the the last twenty years. For clients who want to get big quick, we offer our Guided Refactoring of a Single Data Source service, during which we walk your team through the end-to-end process of extraction, landing, archive, transformation to a specific use-case, and the creation of analytic data artifacts.

Big Data Assessment / Design

Having a plan that encompasses expert knowledge ensures success. Whether you are expanding your existing Big Data operations or just getting started with Hadoop, having seasoned Big Data talent for “big thinking” operations is essential. These resources need to be versed in both Enterprise Architecture and Big Data best practices, all while possessing detailed working knowledge of how all the tooling and platforms integrate and behave.

Our staff has many large scale engagements under their belts and have regularly been the “glue” that holds teams together through architectural documentation and discourse.