Better BI for a Brighter Tomorrow

Customer: Non-Profit Organization Representing the Largest Sector of Higher Education
Project: Self-Service BI

Customer Profile

The customer is a global Fortune 500 provider of payment, travel and expense management solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Business Goals & Benefits

The corporation’s core products were losing traction to competition due to a dated legacy reporting application, with reporting cited as the number one reason for several key customer defections. Despite the richness of data and completeness of analytical functionality, the BI component of their product offering was cited by customers as being overly complicated and difficult to use.

Southport’s Role

Southport was engaged to establish an emergency project (called Project Rescue) to create a new user experience to retain customers and turn reporting into a competitive advantage. Southport helped the customer completely revamp their corporate travel reporting product, changing everything from the overall interface experience, to the design and implementation of the ad hoc reporting.

Specific changes included:

  • A friendlier look and feel providing an easy to configure home page dashboard and simple subject-area drilldown dashboard monitoring for spend, policy and supplier analysis.
  • Newly designed ad hoc report builders with simplified prompt structure and re-designed custom prompts to break the options out into categories, utilizing a step-by-step ‘wizard’ approach to constructing custom queries.
  • Broader leverage of the customer’s investment in the MicroStrategy platform including the scheduled generation of static content and additional Intelligence Server functionality.

As a result of Southport’s engagement, reporting became a key selling point for the customer’s corporate travel product. Several customers that had previously defected from their travel program returned, citing reporting as the main decision factor.

Scope of Southport Engagement

  • BI Strategy, Planning & Roadmap Development
  • Platform Architecture & Installation
  • BI Application & Report Development
  • Dashboards & Advanced Visualizations
  • Application Upgrade & Technology Conversions
  • User Interface Design

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