Banking on BI

Customer: Industry-Leading Global Bank
Project: Commercial Cards Reporting System


Customer Profile

This major international bank is the consumer banking arm of one of the largest financial services companies in the world. Their commercial cards are one of the most widely accepted in the world, with cards being accepted at 30 million merchant locations and 1.5 million ATMs in 140 countries.

Business Goals & Benefits

In support of the Commercial Cards Division, this industry-leading bank required a cost-effective reporting and analytics application for their government and corporate clients. Initially, the system would need to support approximately 10,000 end users for some of the largest government and corporate clients globally and eventually grow to support more than 80,000 end users. Benefits for bank clients included the ability to manage their card programs, gain insight into spending patterns and oversee corporate policy compliance, using visually dynamic dashboards.

Southport’s Role

Southport was engaged to develop a product that could support the global nature of the client base. Southport worked with the customer to define business requirements according to the business processes used by clients, analyze data from multiple sources and ensure consistency in reporting, develop reports and dashboards, establish usability standards to increase adoption, train end users and create training collateral, and provide for effortless distribution, alerts and notification to clients.


  • Broad Adoption and Enablement. With the ability to deploy the solution to the card administrators, the bank was able to launch the system to more than 10,000 users who were now equipped and enabled to actively manage their card programs. Eventually the system grew to include over 80,000 users. Training and usability were key factors in the broad adoption of the system.
  • Insights into Card Program Health. Over 700 attributes and metrics were available at individual card or summary levels including card activations, spend usage, declined authorizations, delinquencies that enabled Card Program Administrators to view, analyze and manage the health of their card programs.
  • Strengthened Vendor Negotiations. Travel Card Administrators were able to negotiate from a position of strength with vendors for arranged contracts that depend largely on the total of realized spend with each vendor. For travel managers, this included analysis of the most frequent origination and destination flights and hotel stays by location.
  • Compliance and Accuracy of Cost Allocations. Purchase Card Administrators were able to ensure that cost allocations were entered accurately and timely prior to the close of the period. As many clients depend upon this process prior to payment, this also ensured that the maximum amount of rebates affected by prompt payment was realized.
  • Maximizing Rebates. The bank’s client card administrators were able to analyze the factors that affect the rebates received from the bank for their card program. By monitoring delinquency and speed of payments, card administrators were able to take proactive actions to maximize the amount of rebates received.

Scope of Southport Engagement

  • Requirements, Reports & Dashboard Definition
  • Technology Platform Selection, Installation & Architecture Design
  • BI Application & Report Development
  • Data Analysis, Integration & Enhancement
  • BI Application Performance Optimization
  • End User Training & Training Collateral
  • BI Testing Services

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