Augmented Reality with MicroStrategy

Integrate MicroStrategy with image recognition software to deliver next generation store operations capabilities


Deliver insights to your store personnel where they need it.

By integrating leading image recognition software with MicroStrategy’s BI platform, Southport is transforming the way retailers manage store operations.

By leveraging a user experience paradigm that is familiar to anyone who has ever taken a picture with a mobile device, store managers can get instant access to key performance indicators about product performance, inventory levels, shrink and more. 

The result: more productive store employees with access to all the intelligence they need to improve store performance.

How does it work?

Leading image recognition software identifies the product you want to analyze.  This information is passed to MicroStrategy, which pulls data from all the necessary data sources to provide a complete picture of product performance.

Because the solution is fully integrated with MicroStrategy, it is secure and scalable.  If users need access to more detailed or ad-hoc analysis, they can link to a MicroStrategy Dossier to surf the data any way they want.

Get customized analysis, dashboards, and results with Southport Services Group.