James C. Butz

Jim Butz is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Southport Services Group. He brings 19 years of consulting and executive leadership experience to Southport. Previously, Jim spent six years at MicroStrategy Inc., where he served in various roles, including Vice President of Professional Services for North America. In this role, he oversaw the consulting and education organizations responsible for ensuring that MicroStrategy customers had access to the consulting and training resources they needed in order to successfully develop and deploy business intelligence solutions.

Prior to joining MicroStrategy, Jim was a consultant in the data warehousing field and worked for TRW (now Northrop Grumman) and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Jim graduated from James Madison University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. Connect with Jim on LinkedIn

Steven J. Thompson

Steve Thompson is a co-founder and Executive Director, Delivery Services at Southport Services Group.  He brings 19 years of consulting and management experience. Prior to co-founding Southport, Steve spent six years at MicroStrategy, where he served in various consulting and management positions, including Managing Director of Technical Advisory Services. In this role, Steve oversaw the strategic direction and ran day-to-day operations of MicroStrategy’s premium consulting offering, which was designed to ensure customer success through proactive technical intervention and the provision of best practice advisory services.

Prior to joining MicroStrategy, Steve was the Assistant Director of Research at the Regional Economic Studies Institute, where he oversaw a 120 employee consulting organization devoted to economic and social policy research.

Steve received a BA in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Michigan and an ABD in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn