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At Southport, making our customers successful is a guiding principle.  So we could not be more proud that our projects dominated the customer awards at MicroStrategy’s recent user conference, taking home three of the six awards given by MicroStrategy.  Three of six awards based on thousands of nominees.   That’s customer success.

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Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Application: GATOR

GATOR is a transformative mobile analytics application that provides real-time, easily accessed, intuitive analytics for over 3,000 pharmaceutical representatives, managers, and leaders.  Prior to its launch, Merck’s field sales used a 1990s laptop platform that was slow, visually unappealing, and underutilized.  Field reps wasted time downloading and manipulating countless spreadsheets which consumed valuable customer interaction time.  Beyond reporting and analyzing their business, they also needed to manage customer profile information, collaborate with team members, and coordinate meetings with customers and prospects.

GATOR has replaced all other reporting tools and brings together CRM and functionality.  Field sales reps have both analytics and customer data at their fingertips in one custom portal.  the insight they need assess their business, make decisions, and ensure their goals and results are aligning with the company’s strategic initiatives.

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Industry:  Financial Services
Application:  Sales Intelligence Mobile Optimized Network (SIMON)

AllianceBernstein is a New York based global asset management firm that provides investment management and research service to institutional, high net-worth, and retail investors.

AB implemented two-way integration between MicroStrategy and through a mobile app called SIMON.  SIMON has revolutionized the way AB wholesalers manage their business, from client interaction to identifying stronger opportunities within the sales cycle.

Prior to the launch of SIMON, AB was a 10-year MicroStrategy customer, but really only used the product to support super-user reporting.   By building SIMON, they connected their CRM and BI efforts across the field in a single mobile platform.  MicroStrategy is now the foundation for the most powerful tool AB’s sales teams have.  Because of the transformation brought on by SIMON, AB was recognized by MicroStrategy for its Customer Award for Innovation.

AB introduced SIMON at the MicroStrategy World Conference in January 2018 and shared best practices and lessons learned from their journey to mobile integration.

Read the press release.

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Industry:  Food & Beverage
Application:  Balanced Calories Initiative (BCI) Scorecard

The Balance Calories Initiative (BCI) was launched by several companies and the American Beverage Association to increase interest in and access to low-calorie and reduced portion beverages in an effort to fight obesity and health-related issues.  The goal of the BCI is to reduce average calories per person per day from non-alcoholic drinks by 20% by 2025.

To monitor progress and measure effectiveness, Coca-Cola launched the BCI Scorecard application, designed to create detailed reports comparing the consumption and market penetration of regular and low calorie brands in BCI pilot markets.

Prior to launch, the limited data available was collected and manipulated manually and took at least a week to prepare.  Coca-Cola can now access automated, visual, and interactive data through native dashboards on the iPad.  BCI managers can quickly and easily zero in on and help close penetration voids in under-performing outlets.  It is because of the BCI Scorecard app that Coca-Cola can continue its commitment to and investment in the Balance Calories Initiative.

Successes like these have earned Southport the MicroStrategy Partner of the Year Award for Best Project.

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