Why you Need to be at MicroStrategy World 2017

by Jim Butz, Southport CEO & Co-founder

If you’ve already registered for next month’s MicroStrategy World conference, good for you.  You can stop reading here.  We’ll see you in DC.  If you haven’t registered, ask yourself:  why not?

Are you responsible for providing access to, or taking action on, company data?  Do you currently use MicroStrategy or other business intelligence tools?  Does your company care about using data to make fact-based decisions?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to be at this year’s World conference.

Take a look at the conference description and you’ll see all the big ideas:  education, networking, speakers, workshops.  There’s even some philanthropy thrown in to this year’s event, too.

Bring your laptop so you can join in step-by-step workshops where experts will show you how to take full advantage of what MicroStrategy has to offer.  Learn to do things like build interactive dashboards, design mobile apps for iPad and Android, use MicroStrategy on Hadoop for big data analytics, and implement advanced applications that enable insight and contextual collaboration.

Other sessions will focus on industry solutions and help you learn how MicroStrategy is used to build key applications for every industry from finance to hospitality to media to government to retail and more.  You’ll hear from real customers and learn how they put MicroStrategy to work — and the results these solutions are having on their businesses.

One important – but often overlooked – highlight of any software user conference is learning about the future direction of the product.  Any technology provider wants its users to know about all the cool new stuff they are working on and what’s to come.  But MicroStrategy does more than just pat themselves on the back.  They provide insight into the logic and market forces that are driving the evolution of  the new developments – why they are needed, what purposes they will serve, and how you can put them to work for you.

Make sure you come to the exhibit hall and meet Southport.  We’ll be at Booth #212, having some fun and sharing examples of the some of the award-winning MicroStrategy applications we’ve built.  Stop by and let’s talk about where we can help you take MicroStrategy – you can pick up some swag and maybe even win a cool prize.

But you can’t do any of this if you don’t register. 

Whether you’re on the business or technical side of your company, whether you are using MicroStrategy or another tool, whether you are an beginner or an expert practitioner, it’s pretty clear there’s something you’ll gain from attending World.

Hope to see you there.