MicroStrategy Self-Service Analytics Video Series

During MicroStrategy World 2016, Southport consultants taught two hands-on workshops designed to help end-users learn how to use MicroStrategy Desktop to build self-service dashboards, with no help from IT, in minutes.  Nearly 300 participants took part in these workshops over two days.

As a follow-on to those workshops, we have created a video series consisting of 10 short videos, each lasting approximately 90 seconds, to help reinforce the key topics covered during the workshops.

If you were able to attend one or both of the workshops during MicroStrategy World, we hope you find this video series helpful in reviewing and expanding on some of the concepts we covered during the training.

If you were not able to attend the workshops during World, these short videos are a great way to gain exposure to some of the powerful data preparation and self-service reporting features available to you in MicroStrategy 10.

If you would be interested in having these free hands-on workshops delivered to your users, drop us a note at info@southportsg.com.  They make great content for lunch-and-learn sessions, users group meeting or webinars.

About the Workshops

The workshops are delivered in two one-hour workshops.  The first workshop, “Enterprise-Ready Data Discovery: An Introduction”, we provide users with everything they need to experience firsthand the data discovery and self-service analytics capabilities of MicroStrategy 10. This intro session provides step-by-step instructions that walk attendees through the entire process of creating a self-service dashboard, including connecting to and enriching data, producing stunning visualizations, and sharing the finished product with colleagues for collaboration and action.

During the second workshop “Data Preparation: Data Connection, Preparation and Blending”, we take users on a deep-dive into advanced data discovery features and capabilities, with a special focus on data preparation and blending. The attendees learned how to load and blend together multiple data sources, prepare data using powerful data wrangling functions, exploit some of the advanced analytic features of MicroStrategy 10, and further customize their dashboards with D3 visualizations.

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